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Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Illuminati

Somebody that is not exposed to a certain aspect of life will always act insane when faced with that aspect of life (Juan Halliday)

When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. (Myles Monroe)

I know that I am about treading on a very sensitive issue.

Wait a minute!
What makes it a sensitive issue?
Why is it that the mere mention of ‘Illuminati’ sends a shiver down the spine of people.
Do we really know what the word ‘Illuminati’ means?

In the world of today, it seems that there are a group of people who are known as the ‘Illuminati’ who have sold there souls to the devil. They are seen as the chief engineer behind all the evils that are being perpetrated in the world today. They are seen as those whose sole purpose is to inflict untold suffering and hardship to humanity for the sole purpose of satisfying there spiritual masters whom it is said they call Satan. That they want to enslave humanity.


Fine and Good.

But as I always maintain, I seek neither to affirm or refute anything, rather I seek that we learn to look at both sides of a coin. For judgement based on one side of the coin is a biased judgement.

As an introduction, there are some esoteric societies that gives the title ‘Illuminati’ to one who have been revealed to all the secrets that the society is guarding and keeping. The title ‘Illuminati’ means the illumined one, the enlightened one. When a member of the society have proved him/herself worthy of the responsibility inherent in the revelation and safe guarding of a mysterious knowledge, he/she will be initiated to the highest echelon of the society where the individual will get to have the meaning of some mysterious knowledge that is not meant for the uninitiate. After this initiation rite, the individual will now be considered an Illuminati i.e. he/she is now one of the chosen few who is worthy of such trust and responsibility. He/she is now an illumined one, an enlightened one.

Now what is the root meaning of ‘Illuminati’?

‘Illuminati is a latin word and is the plural of the word ‘Illuminatus’
Illuminatus means ‘Enlightened’
Illuminatus is the root word through which languages derive the words that points to light. Words like Luminous, Illuminate etc are derived from the latin word Illuminatus whose plural form is Illuminati.

In brief,
Ilumination – The worlds most ancient and secret religion.
The Illuminati – The secret society that preserves the Illumination
Illuminist,/Illuminatist/Illuminatus – Members of the Illuminati
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Now what is Illumination?
According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (International Students Edition) 7 ed,
Illumination is given as;
  1. Light or a place where light comes from
  2. Bright colored light used to decorate a town or building for a special occasion
  3. A colored decoration, usually painted by hand in an old book
  4. Understanding or explanation of something.


If an illuminist is a member of the illuminati who preserves the illumination, the worlds most ancient and secret religion then virtually all human beings are potential illuminati.

Did I make a rash conclusion?

I don’t think so.

Human beings are entities that was created with the sole desire to seek out and to understand the connection between the physical and the spiritual, no matter the form it may take.
When a soul stops seeking, the being starts dying.

They in the world of today that we call the illuminati, are they really the illuminati?
Do they deserve the name Illuminati?
Because by their fruits we shall know them.

A true Illuminist will encourage the free flow and dissemination of knowledge and information.
A true Illuminist will respect and safeguard life.
A true Illuminist will work for the expansion and evolution of the human spirit.
A true Illuminist will encourage research and seeking thereby refininge old concept in accordance with the present reality.

After all said and done,you are the one that will KNOW THE TRUTH..